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Eastside ABA offers the following School Based services:
Direct ABA to students

Direct services will include a Certified Behavior Technician in the classroom implementing interventions and supervised by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. This service may be covered by the students insurance. Services may be initiated by the school or the parents

Consultation will include an initial 2 hour consultation with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst to discuss behaviors and skill deficits or specific students and/or strategies and interventions that could be implemented by the school staff to address these concerns. Depending on the consult this may lead to services in the classroom and/or a Functional Behavior Assessment and/or Behavior Intervention Plan.
IEP/Eligibility Meeting support

IEP support is available through private pay for any child with an IEP. This would include a review of the IEP by a BCBA with feedback regarding goals as well as the BCBA attending the IEP meeting. The BCBA may if necessary conduct additional assessments to be presented at the IEP or Eligibility meeting. Eastside ABA is unable to provide legal advice and will not function as a legal advocate.
Teacher Training

Coming Soon! Teacher training is available at the expense of the school. A Board Certified Behavior Analyst may provide training to teachers and/or parapros on a variety of topics including antecedent manipulations, functions of bx, implementation of token economies, stimming behavior and early language acquisition. Training may be done as a one time event or over a specified period of time. ABA methods and procedures will be used in the training.
Independent FBA/BIP writing

A Board Certified Behavior Analysis can conduct a Functional Behavior Assessment to determine the function of a maladaptive behavior of a student and write a Behavior Intervention Plan to be implemented in order to decrease the behavior, this will often be included in a consult but may be requested separately when the behavior has been identified.

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