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What Parents Ask

General Questions

We currently accept Premera, Anthem, Kaiser, Regence, Molina and Apple Health

Depending on your insurance we may need a referral and a copy of your child’s diagnosis.

Typically our rate is $100 an hour for BCBA and $55 an hour for a CBT.

Our availability changes frequently, please use the “contact us” (hyperlink) and fill out the form to get more information about availability.

To maintain client confidentiality and privacy parents are not allowed in treatment rooms. Parents are permitted to leave the building during sessions, if you choose to stay, we do ask that parents wait outside of the clinic.

We request that children pack lunches and bring snacks for longer sessions to ensure they have access to food that they like.

Your co-pay or co-insurance will depend on your individual insurance plan and if you have met your deductible. Deductibles roll over every January, it is typical for parents to have higher invoices

We do not force eye contact and will not target it as a goal. We will only address stimming if it is harmful to the child or if the behavior is a significant barrier to learning. We will not target stims that are self-soothing or regulating or that do not cause harm.

Our clinic takes a client first approach, prioritizing the individual, their family and their culture. We believe that children learn best when they feel safe and are having fun. We implement evidence-based practices in a fun way that takes individual preferences and strengths into account.