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Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts work with your entire family to provide a comprehensive plan uniquely tailored to your child’s needs and environment.
Our clinic based services focus on teaching new skills, increasing language skills, social skills,and  executive functioning skills

Clinic based services include primarily one on one services, however there are options for group services (designed for children preparing to start pre-school or kindergarten. For more information on our learner readiness program click here.

Our clinic is ideally situated to provide real-life situations and experiences that are an important part of treatment.

We are within walking distance of the Redmond Town Center, with easy access to walking trails along the Sammamish River, parks, and retail businesses. These provide an excellent real-life environment that increases interaction and engagement with our clients and the real world. This gives clients an opportunity to practice learned skills in a natural environment.

ABA services are also available in the home environment.

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