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High Quality ABA therapy for Children, Adolescents, and Adults in our Redmond Clinic on the Seattle Area’s Eastside

ABA autism treatment for kids and adolescentsSince 2009, Redmond-based Eastside Applied Behavior Analysis have been offering ABA therapy for kids and adolescents and adults struggling with the challenges of autism. Providing professional assessments and developing unique treatment plans tailored to each individual, our caring and experienced specialists are dedicated to helping our clients live full, happy, successful lives.

ABA Therapy for Kids and Adolescents and Adults

Our clinic employs Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), an evidence-based, empirically-proven methodology used to support individuals with autism. ABA teaches and shapes behavior in a systematic way by reinforcing an individuals responses. Combining the principles of behavioral science with our extensive experience, we help clients replace the maladaptive behaviors that impede learning with more adaptive ones. We assist individuals with autism and related challenges lead lives with the highest achievable levels of independence, happiness, productivity and success.

Comprehensive and Individualized Programs and Service Plans

ABA autism treatment for kids and adolescentsThe behavioral treatment specialists of Eastside Applied Behavior Analysis work not only with your child or teen, but also with your entire family to provide a comprehensive and uniquely tailored ABA therapy plan for each individual situation and environment. In addition to providing ABA therapy in our clinic setting, we also work in school and home settings when needed.

Embracing the treatment importance of real-life situations and experiences, our clinic is intentionally located in the Westgate Building in downtown Redmond, Washington. Within walking distance of the Redmond Town Center, clients have easy access to walking trails along the Sammamish River, parks and retail businesses. These close-by amenities provide an excellent real-life environment that increases interaction and engagement with our clients and the real world.

Board Certified Behavior Analysts & Registered Behavior Technicians

ABA autism treatment for kids and adolescentsEach child and teen’s treatment program is uniquely designed by our expert team of Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and/or Board Certified assistant Behavior Analysts (BCaBAs). They are then implemented by our Certified Behavior Technicians (CBTs) and managed and supervised by a BCBA or a BCaBA.

Our specialists have completed approved university-level programs, passed an international certification exam, and remain current with new research and trends through participation in approved continuing education courses and seminars. CBTs are required to undergo a minimum of 40 hours of training and observation before working with children, teens or adults. For information about joining our caring team, visit our Careers page.

Insurance Coverage for ABA Therapy

To accommodate our patients and their families, Eastside Applied Behavior Analysis are contracted with a number of providers to help manage the cost of care.

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ABA for All Types of Learners

It’s important to note that ABA is not solely for ABA therapy. While most recognized for teaching adaptive living and socialization skills to individuals on the autistic spectrum, ABA is a system of learning that can be effective for all learners, neuro-typical or not. Contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss your specific situation with a specialist today. We’ll be happy to help you determine whether ABA therapy would be beneficial for you or your loved one.

Expert ABA Therapy for Kids and Adolescents and Adults on the Seattle Area’s Eastside

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