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Group and Social Skills Building

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We offer several types of group based services. Most client’s receive a hybrid of one on one services with a Certified Behavior Technician as well as group sessions to promote social skills acquisitions and improve executive functioning. Additionally, we offer Social Saturdays, groups based on age that meet Saturday mornings to learn and practice social skills. Groups are available for clients ages 6-8,10-12, and 13-17.


ABA in the school environment is available for children attending private schools. This service provides ABA support in the classroom and includes feedback and training for teachers or other care providers. Behavior technicians do not replace the need for one on one or paraprofessionals in the classroom environment, however they will offer support in regards to maladaptive behaviors and social skills.

School based services are often provided in conjunction with clinic based services and/or social skills depending on the needs of the client.

Eastside ABA is happy to coordinate with teachers and other service providers in the public school system, this coordination may include in school observation and attendance at IEP meetings.

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