Supportive Parent Training & Collaboration for Families in Kirkland


Eastside ABA believes that parent involvement is the key to success in providing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy to children living with autism and related neurodevelopmental challenges. As part of our treatment plans, we provide training individualized to each family. The goal of our parent training and collaboration is for the child to participate in their family and community as independently as possible. To accomplish this, we consider the family’s needs, culture, strengths and ideas when designing programs. 

Comprehensive Care for Your Child

While parents are given daily updates at pick-up, we also provide more intense family training in the clinic and home settings. Parent training includes a discussion of progress and programs, modeling, practice and feedback. As your child progresses, parent training will occur in your home, where our team will provide feedback. Parents waiting for services may be eligible to begin parent training prior to formally starting services, please contact our office if you are interested in learning more about this. 

What ABA Therapy in Partnership with Families Looks Like

ABA therapy provided by board-certified behavior analysts and certified behavior technicians is effective in teaching and shaping behavior because of the systematic way in which a person’s responses are reinforced and shaped. Desired or targeted positive behaviors are reinforced while maladaptive behaviors that impede learning and full participation in community settings are shaped into more adaptive ones. Highly developed behavioral principles are used at all times to maintain the motivation to learn. Group and social skills training opportunities may also be offered. Data is collected to track progress and the effectiveness of the instruction each child receives, and this is always available for clients and their families to view. Parents of teens are encouraged to collect data at home as well, and we provide guidance for effectively doing so. 

Coffee with the BCBA’s

Twice a month the BCBAs at Eastside ABA host a coffee and discussion for families. During these discussions, parents have an opportunity to learn from each other as well as ask the BCBAs questions. We encourage parents to suggest topics they would like to discuss or learn more about.  Call or email us for more information.

Our Mission in Providing Parent Training & Collaboration in Kirkland

Eastside Applied Behavior Analysis is a leading resource in the Pacific Northwest for children, teens and adults struggling with autism and related neurodevelopmental disabilities. Our motto is ‘Always Learning; Always Growing’, which we embrace as a mindset for all our staff, clients and their families. If you’re a caring, trained specialist looking for a positive, supportive and satisfying career environment that includes parent training and collaboration with client’s families, click here to see our career opportunities.

Helpful Parent Training & Collaboration for Kirkland Families

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