Group & Social Skills Training Enhances ABA Therapy in Fall City

Eastside ABA is excited to share that we offer group and social skills training that clients can attend separately or in conjunction with individual therapy. Backed by many years of research, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is widely recognized to be the most effective treatment for individuals struggling with autism. As a powerful, proven method of teaching, ABA’s basis in behavioral science makes learning more effective. While best known as a way to teach children to live successfully with autism, ABA is an effective method of education for learners of all ages. It’s also adaptable for therapeutic use in group and social skills settings.

What’s the Difference Between Group Therapy and Social Skills Training?ABA autism treatment for kids and adolescents

Group therapy is structured by age and may include academic work, social skills, independent living skills, as well as community outings. Similar to group therapy, our social skills training groups are structured by age and may include community outings. Social skills groups are available for children, adolescents, and adults. Social skills groups are ideal for clients transitioning out of ABA and for individuals who may not require individual ABA but are interested in meeting others and becoming more comfortable with social skills. 

ABA Therapy Makes a Difference 

Whether working individually with children, teens and adults or through parent training and collaboration, our board-certified team is dedicated to assisting those living with autism to live more happy, independent, productive and successful lives. ABA is effective in teaching and shaping behavior because of the systematic way in which a person’s desired or targeted responses are reinforced, while maladaptive behaviors are shaped into more adaptive ones.

Our Mission in Offering Group & Social Skills Training in Fall City

Eastside Applied Behavior Analysis is a leading resource in the Pacific Northwest for children, teens and adults struggling with autism and related neurodevelopmental disabilities. Our motto is ‘Always Learning; Always Growing’, which we embrace as a mindset for all our staff, clients and their families. If you’re a caring, trained specialist skilled in group and social skills training looking for a positive, supportive and satisfying career environment, click here to see our career opportunities.

Effective Group & Social Skills Training in Fall City

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