ABA Autism Treatment for Kids & Young Children in Redmond & the Eastside

 ABA autism treatment for kids in RedmondLocated in Redmond, Washington, Eastside Applied Behavior Analysis has been offering state of the art ABA autism treatment for kids since 2009. We utilize ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) therapy and behavioral science principles to teach children struggling with autism to lead more happy, independent, productive and successful lives. Families from Kenmore to Issaquah can count on us for expert and caring autism therapy advice and treatment. Call for a professional analysis today.

ABA Autism Treatment for Kids

Backed by many years of research, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy is widely recognized to be the most effective treatment for individuals struggling with autism. A powerful, proven method of teaching children, its basis in behavioral science makes learning more effective. While best known as a way to teach children to live successfully with autism, ABA is an effective method of education for learners of all ages.

ABA autism treatment for kids is effective in teaching and shaping behavior because of the systematic way in which a child’s responses are reinforced and shaped. Desired or targeted positive behaviors are reinforced while maladaptive behaviors that impede learning and full participation in community settings are shaped into more adaptive ones. Highly developed behavioral principles are used at all times to maintain the child’s motivation to learn. Data is collected to track each child’s progress and the effectiveness of the instruction each receives, and this is always available for clients to view. Parents are encouraged to collect data at home as well, and we provide guidance for effectively doing so.

IEP Consulting

 ABA autism treatment for kids in RedmondOur understanding of the IEP (Individualized Education Program) process and the services schools can provide can be a great asset to your family. An adversarial stance with schools is not an effective approach, and we can assist you in obtaining services for your child in a way that builds teamwork and gets results. We want to build a strong bond between family, school and outside providers, helping all to work synergistically to the child’s great benefit.

Our Mission

Eastside Applied Behavior Analysis are leading resources in the Pacific Northwest for children, teens and adults struggling with autism and related neurodevelopmental disabilities. Our moto is ‘Always Learning; Always Growing’, which we embrace as a mindset for all our staff, clients and their families. If you’re a caring, trained specialist looking for a positive, supportive and satisfying career environment, click here to see our career opportunities.

Expert, Professional, Clinic-Based ABA Autism Treatment for Kids in Redmond and the Eastside

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