Conditions Helped by Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy in Fall City

applied behavioral analysis, autism therapy, ABA therapyCould your child in Fall City benefit from Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) therapy? Applied Behavioral Analysis is a type of psychological therapy that is meant to identify, target and improve negative behaviors. The specific treatment plan is different for every patient, but generally begins by analyzing potential behavioral triggers. The goal is to replace negative responses with more positive ones. While proven effective when working with all children, it’s particularly helpful with the following behavior-driven conditions.


Applied Behavior Analysis therapy is regularly used when working with people in Fall City with autism. These individuals generally have issues with communication behaviors. This type of autism treatment works to retrain patients’ behavioral responses with rewards. Continue Reading →

Benefits of Applied Behavioral Analysis in Issaquah

ABA autism treatment for kids in RedmondIs your child on the autism spectrum? It can be difficult to know what treatment options are best for his or her development. Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) may be a viable solution for your child in Issaquah. This therapy-based approach offers many benefits and is backed by significant research. Keep the following benefits in mind as you consider the benefits off Applied Behavioral Analysis for your child.

Teaches Social Skills

Issaquah Applied Behavior Analysis therapy is well known for helping autistic children develop social skills. These skills are necessary when creating functional relationships with peers and making friends. While overall success is based on your child’s condition, ABA does help make interacting with others easier. Continue Reading →

Woodinville IEP Consulting: Debunking Common IEP Myths

IEP consulting, IEP mythsThere are many misconceptions about Individualized Education Programs (IEPs).   While any child or teenager can qualify for an IEP, many young people diagnosed with autism have them. You and your child may benefit from receiving IEP consulting services in Woodinville. There are professionals familiar with the system who can help you navigate it, who will keep you from being misled by myths like these:

You Have No Control Over the IEP

Many parents think that schools have all the power in creating an IEP. This isn’t accurate. In fact, according to federal law, parents are full and equal members in the process. Woodinville IEP consulting can help you better understand how to appropriately advocate for your child during the creation process. Continue Reading →

How to Identify a Reliable Autism Treatment Clinic in Mercer Island

finding a reliable autism treatment clinic, Applied Behavior AnalysisAre you looking for a reliable autism treatment clinic in Mercer Island, Washington? If your child or teenager has been diagnosed with autism, he or she may benefit from Applied Behavior Analysis. This learning and behavior-based therapy is often used by professionals as part of an autism treatment plan. Knowing where to go for these services can be difficult, however, especially if you’re relatively unfamiliar with them. Don’t let uncertainty prevent you from getting the help you and your child deserve. You can use the following indicators to determine whether or not an autism treatment clinic is reliable in Mercer Island.

Positive Reviews and Testimonials

One simple way to assess the reliability of an autism treatment clinic is to read feedback written by past patients and patient family members. Many people are happy to provide testimonials about their experiences or write a review to post online. Pay close attention to what is said about the clinic, the staff, and the treatment.

Willingness to Answer Questions

A good autism treatment clinic will employ professionals who are happy to provide any requested information. Because many people aren’t familiar with Applied Behavior Analysis, it’s expected that you’ll have questions. Choose a facility that offers consultations so you can gauge the flow of information and gain the clarity you need. Continue Reading →

What is Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy in Bellevue?

Applied Behavior AnalysisHas your daughter or son been diagnosed with autism in Bellevue, Washington? Maybe your young child or teenager has another neurocognitive and/or emotional disorder? It may be beneficial to speak with a specialist about Applied Behavior Analysis. There are many helpful therapies available, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. It’s important to research each option as thoroughly as possible so that you can choose the one that will provide the best results for your child. Keep the following information about Applied Behavior Analysis in mind as you consider treatment options for your son or daughter in Bellevue.


Applied Behavior Analysis, or ABA, is a learning and behavior-based therapy used by professionals as part of an autism treatment plan. Behavior analysis provides helpful insight into how behavior works, how behavior is affected by a particular environment, and how learning occurs. Continue Reading →

Common Questions about Applied Behavior Analysis in Kirkland

Applied Behavior AnalysisHas your young child or teenager been diagnosed with autism or another neurocognitive and/or emotional disorder? Applied Behavior Analysis may help. Choosing the right treatment in Kirkland, Washington, can be difficult. With so many options available, it can be challenging to know which will be most beneficial for your daughter or son. The best way to decide is by researching the various options thoroughly. These questions and answers about Applied Behavior Analysis will be helpful as you consider treatment for your child in Kirkland.

1. What is Applied Behavior Analysis?

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a learning and behavior-based therapy used during autism treatment. It helps in understanding how behavior works, how behavior is affected by environment, and how learning occurs. Continue Reading →

Finding Expert Autism Treatment Services in Redmond

Autism Treatment ServicesDoes your young child or teenager have autism or another neurocognitive and/or emotional disorder? Finding the right autism treatment services in Redmond, Washington, can seem like a daunting task. It’s important to realize that you’re not alone. There are numerous resources available to assist you. To ensure that your loved one receives the autism treatment services he or she needs and deserves, keep the following tips in mind.

1. Talk to People You Know

The first step in finding autism treatment services for your child or teenager is talking to people you know. Ask for recommendations from other parents or professionals. In many cases, the guidance counselor at your child’s school can be a great resource. Continue Reading →