Preparing Your Child for Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy in Mercer Island

child for applied behavior analysis mercer islandNow that you’ve scheduled ABA therapy for your child near Mercer Island, what’s next? How do you prepare children for their first autism treatment session? There are several things you can do to make the transition go smoothly. It doesn’t take much to make a huge impact. Keep these tips in mind as you prepare your child for Applied Behavior Analysis.

Purchase Reinforcement Items

ABA utilizes positive reinforcement to encourage desirable behaviors and discourage undesirable ones. As such, professionals use praise and rewards regularly. You know your child best, so plan to provide both edible and tangible items for encouragement. Additionally, plan to discontinue using these reinforcement items outside of the therapy setting to ensure better engagement in the process. 

Establish a Consistent Routine

It’s also important that you establish a consistent routine for your child. This includes eating, sleeping and play time, as well as Applied Behavior Analysis therapy sessions. Your child will likely respond much better to treatment once he or she has become accustomed to the routine. In most cases, you’ll be able to schedule treatment for the same times every week.

Select the Right Location

If Applied Behavior Analysis therapy will be taking place in your own home, make sure you select the right location. It’s important to have a designated area that is quiet and has few distractions present. Settings like this make it more likely your child will exhibit the desired behavior regularly.

Need Help Preparing Your Child for Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy near Mercer Island?

Now that you know what steps to take, schedule ABA therapy for your child near Mercer Island. Count on Eastside Applied Behavior Analysis to provide the advice, support and assistance you need. We also offer IEP consulting services for families. Contact us today!

How to Prepare Your Child for Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy near Mercer Island

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