Types of Prompts Used in Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy in Bellevue

Applied Behavior BellevueIs your daughter or son beginning Applied Behavior Analysis therapy near Bellevue? Whether your child has been diagnosed with autism or another neurocognitive disorder, ABA treatment can help improve behavior and skills development. As your child’s therapy begins, you may hear Board Certified Behavior Analysts and Registered Behavior Technicians mention the use of prompts. Prompts are a kind of assistance provided to help increase the likelihood that patients will have the right responses. There are several different kinds of prompts.


Applied Behavior Analysis practitioners use gestures, such as pointing and nodding, to indicate what the correct response is.

Full Physical

An Applied Behavior Analysis professional may physically guide a patient’s hands to complete a particular task. 

Partial Physical

Partial physical prompts still provide some guidance to learners, but it is far less intrusive than full physical interactions. 


Verbal prompts are also important during ABA therapy. Verbal cues, like providing the first sound of a word, help guide patients in the right direction.


Another important prompt type is visual. This includes pictures, which often provide information about the sought-after answer. Images can be photographs, drawings, flash cards or videos.


ABA professionals may also use placement to encourage certain behaviors and skills. In most cases, the correct response is placed closest to the patient as a hint.

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Find out more about applied behavior analysis therapy by contacting Eastside Applied Behavior Analysis. A staple in the community, our clinic regularly services Bellevue families. With years of extensive training and experience working with children with autism, our team will provide the advice, support and assistance you need. We can also help ensure you child’s educational success with IEP consulting. Contact us today for more information or to discuss treatment options with a professional.

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