When an IEP Isn’t Good Enough, Schedule IEP Consulting Services in Redmond

schedule IEP consulting RedmondAs the document that helps assess and guide your child’s academic career, the Individual Education Plan (IEP) is incredibly important. Whether your son or daughter has a learning disability or autism, you serve as an advocate for their education. Sometimes a plan that looks good on paper, isn’t actually what’s best for your child. As a result, it may be a good idea to schedule IEP consulting services in Redmond. If you’re unsure whether your IEP is good enough to properly serve your child’s needs, consider the following signs that improvement is necessary.

Cut and Paste IEPs

Administratively, the creation of an IEP takes time. It’s not uncommon for educators to use standard goals instead of items that are individualized to your child. IEP consulting services can help you review the document for signs that it has been cut and pasted.

Poorly Written Goals

IEP consulting services can also ensure every goal is written well. There should be at least two or three objectives per section and each one needs to be objective and easily measurable. Clear strategies for how your child will achieve goals are also essential.

Inclusion of Prompts

Some IEPs state that prompts may be used to achieve goals, but this is limiting. Even faded prompts discourage independence, which should always be the ultimate objective.

Need to Schedule IEP Consulting Services in Redmond?

Do you think IEP consulting services could improve your child’s current IEP in Redmond? Let the specialists at Eastside Applied Behavior Analysis assess the current document and provide additional guidance. We are here to serve as advisors and advocates to ensure every need is adequately met. Our highly-trained team has extensive experience working with parents, children and adolescents, as well as teachers and school administrators. We also have a reputation for providing Applied Behavior Analysis therapy to help families succeed.  Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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