Woodinville IEP Consulting: Debunking Common IEP Myths

IEP consulting, IEP mythsThere are many misconceptions about Individualized Education Programs (IEPs).   While any child or teenager can qualify for an IEP, many young people diagnosed with autism have them. You and your child may benefit from receiving IEP consulting services in Woodinville. There are professionals familiar with the system who can help you navigate it, who will keep you from being misled by myths like these:

You Have No Control Over the IEP

Many parents think that schools have all the power in creating an IEP. This isn’t accurate. In fact, according to federal law, parents are full and equal members in the process. Woodinville IEP consulting can help you better understand how to appropriately advocate for your child during the creation process.

Demanding Results Now is Always Best

An IEP isn’t part of autism treatment, but it can help your child be more successful in school. As a result, it can be tempting to make demands and expect results right away. This kind of behavior often alienates the people who can be most helpful to you and your child. Woodinville IEP consulting provides tools to ensure that your child receives quality service without upsetting participants.

Children with IEPs Are Removed from Class

Another common misconception is that children with IEPs are removed from the regular classroom. While this can happen, federal law mandates that children be placed in the least restrictive environment possible. Woodinville IEP consulting services can help you determine and convey what’s least restrictive for your child.

Interested in Woodinville IEP Consulting Service?

Are you interested in learning more about Woodinville IEP consulting services? Now that you’re more familiar with IEPs and how they can help your child, it’s time to discuss your situation with a professional. Contact Eastside Applied Behavior Analysis in Redmond for help. We’ve served families in and around Woodinville for years. You can count on our Board Certified Behavior Analysts and Registered Behavior Technicians to offer expert advice and quality Applied Behavior Analysis care.

Woodinville IEP Consulting Services

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